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Court In The Act

Court In The Act Re-Release - (c) Metal Mind RecordsRelease date: 1983
Label: Roadrunner Records/Neat Records (UK)

Brian Ross – Vocals
Steve Ramsey – Guitar
Russ Tippins – Guitar
Graeme English – Bass
Sean Taylor – Drums

1. Into the Fire
2. Trial by Fire
3. Blades of Steel
4. No Turning Back
5. Broken Treaties
6. Break Free
7. Hunt You Down
8. The Ritual
9. Dark Side of Innocence
10. Alone in the Dock
Re-release Bonus Tracks:
11. Dynamo
12. Pull the Trigger
13. Break Free (Single Version)

August 1983 at Lynx Studios, Newcastle, England
Engineered by Yusman Osman “Stosh” and J. C. Aitchison
Produced by Yusman Osman “Stosh”
Mixed at Impulse Studios by Keith Nichol


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