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“The Early Demos” To Be Released On 29.04.2011

Death Rider Records will release “The Early Demos” on 29.04.2011. The album is a collection of our early demotapes (1981 + 1982) plus 3 Live recordings from the Earthquake Festival 1984, Holland. Remastered by Andreas “Neudi” Neuderth (Roxxcalibur).

Track listing:
“Guardian” Demo (1981):
Kiss Of Death
Heads Will Roll
The Executioner
“Into The Fire” Demo (1982):
Into The Fire
Trial By Fire
Blades Of Steel
No Turning Back
Break Free
Pull The Trigger
The Ritual
Live @ Earthquake Festival 1984:
Blades Of Steel (live at Earthquake Festival)
No Turning Back (live at Earthquake Festival)
Pull The Trigger (live at Earthquake Festival)